Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Since no rational person would willingly be consumed as a sexual object, prostitution is necessarily a form of exploitation: its existence depends on the role social inequality plays in ensuring that the socially more powerful have access to sexual objects of their choice." 
-Scott Anderson

"47% of women reported the fantasy of ‘‘seeing themselves as a striptease dancer, harem girl, or other performer,’’ and 50% had fantasized about ‘‘delighting many men’’ and being an ‘‘irresistibly sexy female.’’ Out of a list of 16 fantasies,
the latter had the fifth highest mean frequency per month (5.3)."
-Leading researcher in heterosexual female desire, Marta Meana 

"...virtually all prostitution, phone sex, nude dancing, etc. is unwanted sexual activity by definition, since these workers require payment."

-Martha Becker

"The two primary sexual stimuli are partner advances (the strongest and most available sexual stimulus, especially for women without the spontaneous desire to seek out stimuli) or sexual activity initially agreed to for nonsexual reasons. [in other words, incentives, such as money, the desire for intimacy and cuddling, and the desire for attention cannot just be constructed as motivations for unwanted sex but rather as part of the erotic process"

Marta Meana 

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