Friday, June 3, 2011

"Cheap is when you fuck them just to shut them up.
Cheap is when you do it because they are worth so much.
Cheap is when you suck them till your jaws hurt so much they won't say you're uptight.
Cheap is when you do it to keep them home at night.
Cheap is when you want less than pleasure, a baby, or a hundred dollars.
Cheap is when you do it for security.
Cheap is what you are before you learn to say no.
Cheap is when you do it to gain approval, friendship, love.
--Scarlot Harlot, San Fransisco

"Prostitutes perceive trick unworthiness differently than society at large. They are less likely to judge either the sexuality or the commerciality of tricks and more likely to judge trick hypocrisy. One ex-prostitute said "I left The Life when I realized the very customers who were my friend in private were my enemies in public." ... In short, prostitutes consider betrayal to be unworthy, they consider corruption to be unworthy, and they consider dishonesty to be unworthy."

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