Thursday, June 2, 2011


...Although not enough
data are available to explain the existence of these fantasies,
one of the more persuasive explanations for the
‘‘being overpowered’’ fantasy is that it arouses by virtue
of its assertion of the woman’s irresistibility (Critelli &
Bivona, 2008). Another instance of desirability without
implication of surrender featured prominently in
Strassberg and Lockerd’s (1998) study: 47% of women
reported the fantasy of ‘‘seeing themselves as a striptease
dancer, harem girl, or other performer,’’ and 50% had
fantasized about ‘‘delighting many men’’ and being an
‘‘irresistibly sexy female.’’ Out of a list of 16 fantasies,
the latter had the fifth highest mean frequency per
month (5.3).

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