Friday, May 20, 2011

A bit of literary candy...

In a beige hotel room. Satin curtains blowing.

I was blowing him. About an inch and a half in, focusing on the tip, not very much head movement, rotating hands. Licking, exploring the crease of the tip, the scar mark from circumcision, the little line that pulls the tip downwards...

I glance up. He's gripping the back of his head. The white pillows. He sees my pupils.

"God, that's absolutely amazing."

I flip up. Jut my face forward. Grin.


"Yeah, you're avoiding the common problem. Girls make it all the time. Most girls go really fast up and down, you know, jam me against the back of their throat. The tip, though, is the most sensitive part. So having lips and tongue around the base of my cock and the back of her throat against the tip doesn't actually feel that great."

Holding his cock gently with one hand, feeling the soft skin, a teasing kiss...

"I know why. Porn. Guys watch porn. Girls watch porn. Porn is all about deep throating, pushing a woman's head down, a woman frantically going up and down."


My lips are gently pursed around him. I flicker his tip with my tongue. Resting my chin on the tip, holding him gently. Rub the tip against the dip in my chin, my lip, bring it in, lick, look up.

"Yeah, this is oh...amazing. Visually, does nothing." I grin. Move up and down, hold his hardening balls, feel pricks of freshly shaved hair push up through the skin.

"Yeah. I think that's hot because it's power. You have a girl taking it in really deep, and you get the thought, she's doing this FOR ME. But I'm not into pain. So it, yeah, doesn't really do anything for me.

A few minutes later...

"You know, if you want to get in on this at all, you better stop doing that, missie."

I get up. I kneel over, squatting on his thighs, my abdomen pointing his penis straight up, towards my belly buttion.


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