Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Feminist Logic

I think I've expressed this a number of times previously. I'll say it again: pushing for gender equality and the criminalization and stigmatization of exchange of monetary goods for sexual services produces the following pattern of logic:

-Masculine and Feminine sexuality is not different.
-Thus, women and men should equally enjoy recreational, romantic and reproductive sex.
-Que in Sexual Liberation - women start having sex without romance or commitment for free.
-Because masculine and feminine sexuality is different, women experience extra-relational sex negatively, quite simply because it leaves them feeling cheap, under-appreciated and used.
-Additionally, free promiscuity leaves men less likely to commit.
-Which leads to female sexualization broadly: what I mean is that women dress slutty, flirt, deal with crappy, disrespectful men, have sex more frequently than they would like and engage in sex acts they do not enjoy, simply to attract and retain men.
-Which in turn, validates neo-con assertions that women are harmed by recreational sex, at which point we return to female suppression of sexuality and preservation of purity in order to secure romantic and committed relationships.

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