Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Favorite Female Lead?

So - like, about half of the time I meet a client, I have this Ahah! moment. Basically, what happens is there's a pause on either side, and I realise exactly what the guy wants, which is ultimately different from what I'm giving him, and by that point it's too late.

The problem is, when you do GFE, it sort of kills the mood to just at the beginning say "OK, so what are you looking for" and most guys don't really know how to answer the question: the general (80%) answer is "oh, you, know, just the usual...although I did get one guy who went through an inventory of my offerings as advertised on the agency site...quite funny. Um, but what I'm getting at is that the question: what do you like, is a lot more complicated when it isn't just sex.

I also, a guy I saw a half-dozen times in Berlin just sent me a film clip, and I had that ahah moment: the way the female lead interacted in that movie, in a different scene from the climactic one he had sent me, was exactly how I interacted with him. And so the basic idea of that is that I was this character for him...and this character eventually, in the film, looses her spunky naivety and innocence and leaves the country...and so I can imagine he kept on seeing me and has booked me to travel with him because I am that character in his mind.

And so...yeah, the great thing about advertising over the internet is that it's all a fantasy until the transaction begins: it's not like working on the street, or in a brothel or in a strip club, where your first encounter is an actual in-person encounter. The client builds up a fantasy, phantom character of you based on your picture, your description, and the limited email contact you have with him. And the goal is to be that phantom in real life...

So...and when I think about it, if I were to hire a male escort, looks, the actual content of the date wouldn't be important. But I love gregory peck in roman holiday...absolutely, in all moods, would love to be with that character. It's not just the physicality, the gestures, the way he talks...but something about the persona, the masculinity, the conflictedness and complexity.

So...going to weave in "love movies: what's your favorite female lead role?" into every pre-booking interaction. And then boom - 10 minutes watching you tube clips, and I'm ready to go.

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